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Ensure our feline friends really do have nine lives when you adopt a cat! No-one wants to see cats and kittens suffering and with this special adoption pack you can bring a lot of pleasure to any animal lover safe in the knowledge that your gift tin purchase for them is helping save cats around the world. The main work of the non-profit organisation you’ll be helping is in Borneo and the reason for that is simple. During a visit to the country the founders were so shocked by the lack of welfare and poor treatment of stray cats (they wanted to adopt them all!) that when they returned to the UK they decided to do something about it. In 2009 the International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals was born with the initial aim of protecting and helping these cats in Borneo. And thanks to adoption packs and donations that is what they now successfully do. It’s not just about financial aid. The foundation will advise on welfare best practice and running of animal sanctuaries to make sure all the gorgeous pussy cats in the care of rescue centres are well-treated and happy. We all know cats are notoriously independent creatures but conditions in which many live on the streets they call home are horrendous and full of cruelty and neglect. But that is not all the charity does for cats with your adoption donations’ฆ A rather new approach to animal welfare and protection the IAPWA actually supports colonies of cats to remain living ‘wild’ outdoors as it is very often the better alternative to life in a cramped cage in a centre. Sadly the ultimate outcome for many of the felines who go into well-meaning but poorly funded and run sanctuaries ends with them being put down rather than finding new forever homes. Once again by buying an adopt a cat gift tin you will be helping fund these protection and aid projects. So if you can’t bear to think about hundreds of stray cats being poorly treated adopt a cat and help not just one but lots of desperate felines live a better life filled with purrs and happy catnaps rather than battling disease hunger and poor treatment on the cold and lonely streets of Borneo. To remind you of the work your adoption is doing you’ll be sent newsletters from the foundation and each pack is full of info and details on the work done.

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