AGA 8-Mug Teapot Cream


AGA 8-Mug TeapotWith inspiration taken from the traditional Victorian Brown Betty design, which reputedly makes the best tea in the world, we are sure that the AGA teapot will soon become a much loved item for all tea-loving enthusiasts. The distinctive shape of the pot causes the tea to be gently swirled around as the boiling water is added producing an exquisite infusion and is ideal for all teas, including leaf, fruit, herb and teabags. The classic AGA teapot is handmade from earthenware in Staffordshire.UseFor best results always warm pot before useAlways use boiling water to make your teaNever place directly on the cooking platesFeaturesFamily size capacity (8 mugs / 80 fluid ounces)Perfectly pouring spoutIntegral strainerLocking safety lidErgonomically designed handle for a sure gripStylish support lip for optimum pouring controlDishwasher

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