AGA Pan Handle Cover


We are very happy to announce the return of the original AGA pan handle cover featuring terry towelling inside providing much improved insulation properties. It is so easy to forget how hot the handles can get on pans when removing them from the AGA ovens. This AGA branded pan handle cover is designed to fit snugly over the handle to allow easy transfer of hot pans from the oven.

Why AGA Cookshop?
"AGA Cookshop, one of the UK’s leading cookware retailers, has everything you need for the kitchen if you cook on an AGA or not. Each piece in the AGA Cookshop collection has been designed to offer ultimate performance, exceptional quality and unrivalled durability. There are hundreds of beautiful and practical items in the AGA Cookshop range, including AGA cast iron cookware home made in Shropshire, unashamedly chic German engineered ceramic cast aluminium and exclusive, on trend textiles." --- AGA Cookshop; More Details

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