Artisan Bread Making London


Get your dough mixing and kneading skills up to scratch with these baking lessons! So you want to learn about bread and making it yourself? Well these half day sessions will immerse you into the wonderfully warming world of freshly baked breads – after all who can deny how tantalising that aroma of fresh bread in the oven is? Now you might think it’s all very time consuming making your own loaves at home which we suspect is what puts a lot of people off and gets them reaching for the sliced white on the supermarket shelves. On the contrary in fact as this lesson will show you. With the correct ingredients and the right technique you can whizz up a loaf in no time at all. In fact the expert bread-makers who run these lessons have all got a very effective if slightly unconventional approach to making and baking their bread but once the method has been demonstrated to you you’ll be itching to give it a go yourself. Of course we couldn’t possibly give it away here but you’ll be amazed at the results. The bread bakers including school owner Ann make sure that all explications are very clear so the techniques and recipes are easy to follow. You’ll also be taught various clever tricks and knacks that’ll stop you getting into a sticky mess with your dough and ensuring the perfect crust every time. And it’s not just the conventional loaf that you’ll be baking. The oven will be constantly on the go with the likes of focaccia crostini bread sticks flat breads fruit loaves brioche and even delicious home-made pizzas. Just imagine the yummy smells that’ll be wafting around the kitchen as you work on your mouthwatering sweet and savoury breads. If you do sign up to learn all about making bread make sure you take along a container as there is sure to be plenty of superb handmade and baked bread samples that you can take home with you. Whether it’s dipped in a nice olive oil toasted with lashings of good butter spread over it or simply to make your sandwiches for lunch you will love the fruits of your labour all of which taste as good as they look!

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