Audi R8 Staffs or Wales


If you dream of getting behind the wheel to drive an Audi R8 one of the world’™s leading supercars then dream no longer – it’™s about to become a reality! With our dedicated track sessions in Staffordshire and Anglesey you can become a high-speed hero in the driving seat of this spectacular four-wheeled racing machine. The car itself is a wonder of modern engineering so it’™s little surprise that driving a top of the range Audi R8 is top of many people’™s bucket list. However as with all supercars the R8 is pretty impractical with a body so low that we’d worry about going over roadbumps a long bonnet that’s hard to see the end of and only two seats. Perhaps just as well then that this Audi is staying where it belongs (on the track!) and we know you’ll love having the chance to drive this gleaming Audi R8 as much as we did. On your Audi Thrill experience you’™ll begin with a driver registration and safety briefing from an instructor at either the former airfield circuit at Seighford or the seaside track in Anglesey. You’™ll then be taken out on a demonstration lap in the venue’™s high-performance saloon car so you can get a feel for the circuit and its layout. But then it’™s time for the driving fun to really begin. Jump into the driving seat of the Audi R8 for the racetrack adventure of a lifetime. You’™ll do six miles of driving in total with the instructor beside you throughout offering top tips on braking accelerating and cornering to give you the best possible racing experience. Feel the power surging up from the Audi’™s 4.2-litre V8 engine taking you from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds. Feel the torque as you tease this exquisite car around the corners and relish the taste of high-speed success as you floor the accelerator on the straights. After your Audi R8 drive session ends you’™ll be awarded a driving certificate to celebrate your day out. If you choose the Thrill with Hotlap option you’™ll also be given a passenger ride in a performance car where the instructor will take the wheel to show you what a standard road car can achieve ‘“ which is a lot! All who has had the chance to drive an Audi R8 will agree that the German manufacturer has re-written the Supercar rule book with this motoring baby and we can confirm that having driven it ourselves. It really is a superlative of supercars currently adorning car showrooms frequented by the rich and famous wanting a vehicle that looks the part and IS the part!

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