Bear Grylls Extreme Survival


Are you ready for the Bear Grylls extreme survival test? A far cry from being a nice day out in the countryside having a wander around whilst studying some nice indigenous flora and fauna these two courses are seriously tough and will push the limits of your survival instincts to the extreme. Time to find out if you’re a born survivor. We are offering a four day lowlands course and a gruelling five day foray into the highlands billed as the ultimate in survival courses by Bear Grylls himself. Both are operated as proper self preservation missions and you need to be prepared to not just come face to face with the extremities of the elements but to have them battering every bone in your body! You will be running wild with experts hand-picked by Bear himself. Highly trained these survivalists know exactly what it takes to be able to stay alive in the wilderness and initiate self-rescue techniques. It’s all about self preservation and primal instinct. You will most definitely be discovering the inner rugged you as you wade climb crawl jump and scramble your way back to civilisation. For those who want to develop their extreme survival skills the four day course does just that in true Bear Grylls style with you heading off into the wilds of Dartmoor to roam the moors and try to overcome the wonderful bleakness of your surroundings. Thankfully you won’t be doing anything completely daft like climbing inside a dead camel to take shelter from a desert storm but you will be tackling everything from Tyrolean traverses to laying traps for food. The ultimate man vs wild test is the five day course in the highlands of Scotland. This whole scenario is like some kind of SAS survival mission and is actually based on Bear Grylls’ ‘The Island’ TV show with Bear and his faithful team having devised the itinerary to push you to you absolute limits. After having spent two exhausting days in the Alladale Wildnerss Park honing your survival instincts with Bear’s team it’s a rude awakening at dawn and you’ll be bundled onto a waiting speedboat that’ll drop you and your comrades off on a remote Scottish island. The next 30 hours as a student of Bear Grylls’s extreme survivalย  school will be spent on trying to keep it all together and get off the island…

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