Bubble Zorb in Essex


Nestled in amongst acres of corn fields and farms you will find yourselves in this hidden gem of a location when the two of you go zorbing in Essex! Peeping out from above the crops you will be able to spot these large inflatable orbs a mile off – and that can mean only one thing’ฆit’s time to go rolling!What we love about this particular spherical challenge is where the activity actually takes place. You will be zorbing right in the heart of the Essex countryside between Maningtree and the village of Bradfield at the foot of Brickman Hill with the River Stour as your backdrop. And rather unusually the centre is set up in open fields which means you have a whole 200m of rolling to do making this Essex roll the longest zorb run we offer in the UK. As it’s all completely open you could be rolling on any part of the field making it an altogether even more exhilarating experience here in Essex. Zorbing here is all harness-style which means each ball carries two people facing each other who are attached by harnesses to the inside of the sphere. As the ball is released (no need for much pushing here as you are on quite a slope) you will start to tumble down the grassy slope and pick up some speed too. Now you can opt to go ‘˜light’™ with a single roll for two in the Essex countryside or you can properly take the zorbing plunge with a double roll experience. This is by far the most popular option and for most zorbers it means they can do a roll where they look forward and then one where they face backwards for that wonderfully disorientating experience as you go tumbling and a bouncing. Of course here at this zorbing Essex venue safety is the priority so all the protective gear is in place and the centre has chosen to use the best quality British-made zorb balls currently on the market. The expert Essex-based team will also be on hand throughout the day to help you clamber in and out of these inflatable orbs and manage each roll from start to finish.

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