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Be an Animal For a Day


Step into our purpose-built Shapeshifter Capsule and transform yourself into the animal of your choosing so you can really talk to the animals for a day! This form-changing experience gives you the chance to totally be at one with nature

A Time Travel Experience


We have always been fascinated by time travel stories and this experience lets you travel back in time to a time and place of your choosing. No need to ask if time travel is possible anymore – you are going

Trick Riding


Now here’™s an experience you don’™t see everyday – trick riding on a horse! Horse vaulting and riding tricks are both very much competitive and show sports in the equestrian world that are breathtaking to watch let alone have a

Horseback Archery Warwickshire


As if using a bow and arrow to hit a target several metres away wasn’™t hard enough imagine trying equestrian archery when you’™re firing arrows whilst astride a moving horse! This horse archery experience in Warwickshire is a brilliant way

Caterham in Oxfordshire


If you have ever wondered what a Caterham 7 driving experience is like let us enlighten you on this legendary car before you decide whether or not to take it for a spin around this compact circuit in Oxfordshire. Yes

Lotus Thrill in Oxfordshire


This lively little Lotus Elise sports car will bring a smile to any drivers face.ย  Whether a hardened car nut or a first timer this car is light and easy to drive.ย  When you add a skilled instructor and a

The Star Wars Experience


It’™s an early start and long day on this Star Wars experience but well worth it! At 7am you will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the film studios at which point you will be given your

Play an FA Cup Match


Lace up your football boots for this week long experience. Starting monday you will report to the training ground of your chosen club. To get the business side of things out of the way quickly you will be taken into

McLaren 570s


Oh.My.Word. This the moment the McLaren 570S come to a track day near you! The McLaren sport series is a superlative selection of sporting masterpieces and this experience gives you the chance to actually drive the 570S round a proper

The Team GB Experience


Become a member of Team GB at the 2016 Rio Olympics and learn what it takes to be a top athlete and how to become an Olympian! Join the team and travel to Rio take part in the opening ceremony

A Masterclass with Shakespeare


Take part in the ultimate masterclass with the legendary wordsmith himself – William Shakespeare. This experience gives you a full day with the bard learning all about word craft rhyming couplets and a whole lot more. A quick search on

Rockingham Track Taster


Roll up roll up it’s time to get your revs on and experience Rockingham Race Track at its very finest! These track days give us mere mortals the chance to pretend to be a professional racing driver even if it

Curborough Sprint Experience


Could the Curborough Sprint Track be one of motor racing’s best kept secrets? Lift the bonnet on this discrete little race track just north of Litchfield in Staffordshire and try your hand at these track day tasters.Amongst the very active

Ultimate Track Day


Calling all petrol heads – sign up for a full day track day and spend the whole time surrounded by high-performance cars! Nothing beats the motor-mad atmosphere of these days out on the track. Add to that the chance to

Teen Stunt Driving


Send your would-be teen stunt driver out on the track and watch as they perform unimaginable tricks in a car! Kids will absolutely love the chance to have a go at stunt driving all under the watchful eye and careful

Thames Underwater Hotel and Spa


Beneath the thames is a secret gem. Our exclusive Underwater Hotel and Spa! The first ever 6 Star Superior Luxury Hotel and Spa voted in the top 10 most incredible man-made buildings in the world 2016. The actual building is

Medieval Jousting Experience


Knights ladies and squires welcome to your jousting experience! Step back in time to Ye Olde England and learn some rather noble sporting skills both on foot and horseback during these fabulously theatrical experiences.Yes that’™s right honourable ladies and gentlemen

The Big Big Ben Experience


This is your chance to climb Big Ben and play with time! It’ll be horological heaven for anyone who fancies getting up close to that famous clock sitting at the top of the Elizabeth Tower on the Palace of Westminster.

Drive on the Moon in The Galactic Cup


Starting with a 14 hour ‘œflight’ to the moon from the NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. You will arrive in the designated settlement on the moon. You will then receive a day debrief notifying you of the dangers and route

The Department Store Experience


Get intentionally locked in a big department store overnight! How many of us whilst negotiating the shopping centre crowds on a Saturday have dreamed of hiding out until your favourite store closes and then just making the most of what