Celestron 1.25″ Eyepiece Filter Set


The Celestron 1.25″ Eyepiece Filter Set is a nice beginner-s set of 1.25″ planetary filters for any telescope. With this set you can see features on the Moon & planets in a whole new light. The aluminum cell is threaded on top and bottom for stacking.

Each Celestron 1.25″ filter has 26 mm of clear aperture, and is mounted in a black anodized aluminum cell that is threaded on both sides. Double threads allow the user to stack different filters together to create a custom color or affect the transmission percentage. Special coatings on each filter protect against reflections, ghosting, and scratches. A plastic case is included to keep your filters safe when not in use.

Filter set includes:-
80A Blue – Enhances the contrast of the cloud belts on Jupiter and the polar ice caps on Saturn. It also can be used to increase contrast on the Moon if you don’t mind the color shift.

21 Orange – Sharpens the boundaries along the plains of Mars due to the reduction of blue/green transmissions. Use on Jupiter and Saturn to enhance detail in the belts and polar regions.

12 Deep Yellow – A good general purpose filter for smaller aperture telescopes (less than 4.), the #12 Yellow will improve the contrast of features on the Moon. It will also help you see the equatorial belts on Jupiter and Saturn, clouds and the polar ice caps on Mars, and the dusky detail on Uranus and Neptune.

ND-96-0.3 Neutral Density – A great filter for the Moon, and for stacking with other planetary filters to increase density without changing the color. A neutral density filter is also useful when splitting binary star systems (double stars). Use anytime you want to decrease brightness but don’t want to affect the color characteristics of an object.

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