Drive on the Moon in The Galactic Cup


Starting with a 14 hour ‘œflight’ to the moon from the NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. You will arrive in the designated settlement on the moon. You will then receive a day debrief notifying you of the dangers and route of the Moon Galactic Cup. The Moon Galactic Cup – as you may already know because of its World Wide Coverage of course. The Moon Galactic Cup is the largest and longest endurance race in our galaxy. Since its creation The Moon Galactic Cup has peaked in 2012 with 1 480 different individual racers spanning from most nations around the world. The History of The Moon Galactic Cup it’™s creation was two astronauts enjoying the their free time. In the first year the Moon settlement in 1992 the vast space the moon contains and the unique gravitational pull and terrain give the motoring industry to pitch the greatest annual race on the planet. Open to all who can provide a vehicle and finance it’™s delivery to the settlement. The Moon Galactic Cup is now the largest prize money event in the galaxy with the winner taking $1 Billion Dollars! The mean radius of the moon is 1 737.10km or 1 079.38 miles. And the circumference is roughly 10 914.4 km or 6 781.9 miles. Making the moon the ideal location for the ultimate driving endurance test. The average time to complete the course is 115 hours or just under 5 days. With the fast time being 4 days 8 hours and 19 minutes an incredible feat. This experience you will be taking control of Into The Blue’™s own moonraker vehicle. You’™ll be contractually obliged to split the prize money 50/50 with IntotheBlue should you place in one of the qualifying places. The course itself is around the moon during the endurance race you’™ll have a designated team to help guide you. You’™ll have dunes to jump over and many obstacles to avoid. The excitement wildness at times and environment makes this the ultimate race in the galaxy on 4 wheels. You’™ll have on board food (flatpacked) toilet and sleep accommodation facilities in the moonraker (everyone is required rest periods per 24 hours intervals). Once the race is over you’™ll be brought back via the arrival site designated by NASA themselves. And finally footage of the race (including from your internal moonraker) to be enjoyed for years to come (or go back next year!).

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