Fuji NP60 (Pentax D-Li2 / Casio NP-30) Equivalent Digital Camera Battery by Inov8


High quality Fuji NP60 (Pentax D-Li2 / Casio NP-30) replacement lithium-ion rechargeable digital camera battery.

This battery is equivalent to many other battery models including: Pentax D-Li2, Casio NP-30, Panasonic CGA-S301, Klic-5000, Olympus LI-20B, Ricoh DB-40, Samsung SLB-1037, Toshiba PDR-BT3, Yaesu FNB-82LI, Creative NP-60,

Specifications: 3.7v 1000 mAh

Fits the following cameras:

Fuji FinePix 50i, FinePix 601, FinePix F401, FinePix F401 Zoom, FinePix F410, FinePix F410 Zoom, FiinePix F601, FinePix F601
Zoom, FinePix F410, FinePix F410 Zoom, FinePix M603,

Pentax Optio 330, Optio 330RS, Optio 430, Optio 430RS,

Casio QV-R3, QV-R4,

HP Photosmart R07, R507, R607, R607 BMW, R607 Gwen, R607xi, R707, R707v, R707xi, R717, R725, R727, R817, R817v, R817xi, R818, R827, R837, R847, R927, R937, R967,

Kodak EasyShare One Zoom, EasyShare LS420, LS433, LS743, LS753, LS443, LS633, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630, P712, P850, P880, Z730, Z7590, Z760,

Olympus AZ-1, AZ-2, AZ-2 Zoom, Ferrari Digital Model 2004,

Panasonic SV-AS30, SV-AS3A, SV-PT1, SV-AV10, SV-AV10-A, SV-AV10-R, SV-AV10-S, SV-AV10U, SV-AV20, SV-AV25, SV-AV25EG-S, SV-AV30, SV-AV35, SV-AV100, SV-AV100EG-S,

Rollei Prego dp5300,

Samsung DigiMax U-CA 3, DigiMax U-CA 4, DigiMax U-CA 5, DigiMax U-CA 401, DigiMax U-CA 501, DigiMax U-CA 505 DigiMax V700, DigiMax V800,

Toshiba Allegretto 5300, PDR-T20, PDR-T30, PDR-5300,

Yaesu VX-2, Yaesu VX-2E, Yaesu VX-2R

Creative DiVi CAM 428,

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