Indoor Parachute Simulator


This unique indoor parachute experience is one of just a few in the world. It’™s actually an updated and improved version of the early parachute simulators used to train pilots and paratroopers but this version is fun all the way! It’™s a real heart stopper and in some ways even more dramatic than the real thing! Thrill seekers will want to try every jump sport going but it’™s worth knowing that with the parachute simulator the ‘˜free-fall’™ is longer but it finally brings you back to earth gently rather than bouncing you up and down of the end of an elastic bungee band. After you arrive at the jump venue you will be given the necessary training and safety information before making the long climb of 143 steps to the heart of the action – the Jump Station. Then with your harnesses and equipment checked again by a technician you are securely hooked on to the cable which is controlled by the Powerfan which is the all-important device that controls your rate of descent. Take a look into the abyss under your feet and then all you have to do is step off …. into the darkness and a drop of 150ft! First of all you drop at 97% of the possible top speed ‘“ this gives a realistic free-fall sensation so you feel the just like a real skydiver as you hurtle towards the earth at a serious rate of knots! Your heart will be in your mouth until the Powerfan kicks in slowing your descent in the last 30ft allowing you to step gently back onto terra firma. Being indoors one great advantage of this activity is that it can take place whatever the weather. The venue is easy to reach close to the M1 and M18 between Rotherham and Sheffield. Spectators are welcome and there’™s free parking.

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