Lamborghini with Nitrous


If a whopping 520bhp isn’t enough for you try the Lamborghini with nitrous oxide! On this experience you can opt for a ‘standard’ drive in the Gallardo or you can boost your performance to a ridiculously powerful 750bhp with the nitrous oxide add-on. All you have to do to get the power increase courtesy of the old N 20 is to request and pay for it on the day with the event organisers. The car itself has a specially modified 5.0l V10 engine which makes this 200mph+ pin up of the Lamborghini world even more attractive. In fact words can’t describe the feeling of that full-force acceleration when you open the throttle to the full and hit the NOS! And of course with all wheel drive transmission high-spec brakes and race preparation from the skilled team of technicians you can be confident this gorgeous Italian Gallardo will stick to the road like day old pasta in a pan even with the power boost. Whether you go for the NOS or not the Lamborghini Gallardo is nothing short of amazing. This experience give you ten laps of the circuit with you at the wheel of this thoroughbred. But before you can pitch the car into those sweeping bends you need to know what the track will be throwing at you so four reconnaissance laps are the order of the day with an instructor driving. Once you’ve got the lie of the track in your mind’s eye it’s just a question of waiting your turn. As the excitement mounts your heart is bound to start racing. When it’s your time get strapped into the low-slung seat and get ready for the off. And for those who have opted for the nitrous oxide will have the NOS explained to them. It actually stands for Nitrous Oxide Systems the brand that pioneered adding N20 to engines to improve power and speed and how it works is simple. As the N20 heats up it splits into nitrogen and oxygen and more oxygen during combustion means more fuel can be injected which means more power from the engine. However nitrous oxide is bulky stuff and a car can only carry a few minutes’ worth of N20 so it’s definitely to be used selectively – but when you do you will certainly feel the boost as the Lambo practically launches itself. And just remember this is a genuine Lamborghini with nitrous not some rice burner you’ll be driving!

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