Motor Gliding Warwickshire


Take off from Long Marston Airfield this is a glider session with a difference as there’s no winch cable and no tug plane’ฆThe motorglider gets airborne under its own power and when high enough the engine will be turned off and you’ll glide over Warwickshire! Motor gliders are just that – gliders that have an engine and propellor. This means they are self-launching and instead of being released at a certain altitude you simply fly up to the height you want switch off the engine and get soaring. This is a brilliant moment in the experience as you switch from manmade to natural with just the swirling noise of the wind that carries you. And once you’re up there what can you expect to see? Well this is another reason why this airfield is a popular place as when you’re soaring in a motor glider you are literally minutes away from lovely Stratford upon Avon in the heart of Warwickshire and it’s so refreshing to see this tourist hotspot from the air away from all the people on foot and the endless traffic jams – and no need to find a parking spot. If you opt for the extended half hour flight you might even get as far as Warwick Castle. Don’t forget unlike most standard gliders a motor version has a side-by-side cockpit so you will be sitting right next to your instructor. This gives you the advantage of being able to see everything that the pilots is doing which we thinks helps you feel more secure comfortable and at ease. What’s more if you fancy having a go at the controls for yourself you can do as these aircraft are dual control.

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