Swarovski Bubble Grey Cufflinks


This is an interesting concept, a unique variation from Swarovski. The grey crystal contains a precision formed bubble made by injecting air into the crystal as it forms. The ingeniously crafted design brings to mind frozen water, with mysteriously encapsulated air bubbles forming a perfectly geometrical, flower-like shape within. It gives a nice experience of playful, intriguing depth. Measuring 12mm square this is a playful piece in which I have allowed the material to speak for itself. Slightly frivolous perhaps, but nevertheless elegant and unobtrusively graceful for occasional wear to add to your collection. Features the Simon Carter branded whale tail finding which resembles a classic toggle back except the rear piece swivels to lie flat against the cufflink shaft for effortless insertion through the shirt cuff

Why Simon Carter?
"Simon Carter is a British designer fashion brand established in 1985 which thrives on inspiration gleaned from a vast array of sources including the worlds of fine art, the decorative arts, architecture and couture through the ages....Simon Carter products are found in the best fashion stores all over the world and represent a quality addition to any intelligently conceived man's fashion collection." --- Simon Carter; More Details

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