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Take one very fast car add a professional driver with nerves of steel and you’ve got yourself a chauffeured hot lap experience! These hot laps are offered at either the Staffordshire or the Anglesey circuit so whether you want to go wanging it in Wales or speeding up in Staffs it’s all here for you. We all know what it’s like when we’ve got friends or family in the car with us for the ride. Whoever decides to take the hot seat to actually drive and chauffeur the others is probably letting themselves in for lots of heckling and back seat driving with passengers not being able to help themselves and calling out things like: ‘Mind that car’ and ‘Red light ahead’. So annoying. On a hot lap there’s no time for any of that kind of talk. No sooner will you have clunk-clicked into the seatbelt and said hello you’ll be pushed back into your seat with the sheer force of the acceleration. As you try desperately to adjust to the unreal speeds and your eyes attempt to take in everything around you you’ll soon realise just why they call call them ‘hot laps’. It’s an intense on the edge of control type of sensation that can’t be beaten. As you sit there trying not to grip onto the side of the seat with your hands you’ll appreciate what it feels like to be a proper co-driver. We’ve all seen onboard footage inside cars on the telly but it really doesn’t do the incredible feeling of power justice. It’s so far removed from your every day car journey that the voyage home from Staffordshire of Wales will feel well a little pedestrian to say the least. So which cars are capable of hotting up the tarmac on these laps? All your favourites are in there from the low-slung Lotus to the Japanese racing ninja that is the Impreza. The full line up can vary on the day both in Staffs and Anglesey but there’s sure to be a gleaming motor that you will be excited to take your passenger ride in. Being chauffeured on these hot lap experiences definitely doesn’t mean it’s going to be a sedate passenger ride. Prepare to whizz around the professional race circuit at Anglesey or get ready to go fast in Staffordshire as the cars are all ready and waiting to show you just what they can do. And quite impressive it all is too!

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