Ultimate Ferrari Experience


With not one not two but three Italian stallions on the starting blocks this truly is the ultimate Ferrari experience! These sessions give you the chance to test drive a trio of gorgeous Ferraris at your choice of circuit from several dotted around the UK. Time to put your foot to the metal and go! The dazzling line up of superlative Ferraris is second to none. We could say we’™re putting age before beauty when we list the 360 Modena the F430 and then the 458 in order of their release into the world but quite frankly they are all beautiful to look at. Ultimately it’™s just a question of personal choice whether you prefer the young buck of a 458 the F430 that ceased production in 2009 or the 90s and Noughties throwback 360 Modena. All of these Ferraris are great fun to drive. The stats are all there too with rapid 0-60mph acceleration impressive top speeds and shedloads of torque as well. And whilst there are lots of Ferrari experiences around there aren’™t many with three different models to drive in one session. We think fervent Ferrari fans will find this really is the ultimate track day. As for where you’™ll be driving these lovely cars there’™s an excellent collection of circuits all just begging for you to open up the throttle of these Ferraris along the tantalisingly long straights and then go hard into the challenging corners to see just how each of these Ferraris behaves out there. You have six miles of driving to do to see which of these cars you like best so go on make the most it after all it’™s not every day you get to drive three of them in a row! This ultimate Ferrari package doesn’™t just stop with the three Ferraris. First up there’™s a spotting lap with an instructor driving a hot hatch so you can see each and every corner and curve you’ll be facing. Then once your glorious six miles in each car is complete it’™s over to a performance saloon for a whizz around the course as a passenger with one of the pro drivers at the helm. Now that’™s what we call a final flourish!

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