Vanguard GH-300T Pistol Grip Ball Head


Vanguard’s GH-300T grip head with built-in remote shutter release on the handle enables you to trip your cameras shutter without pulling your hand from the grip. It is ideal for pursuing and capturing fast-moving subjects, even while making zoom lens adjustments. In order to operate in bulb, or B mode, simply slide the release trigger mechanism upward to manually control exposure time by depressing the release trigger. The GH-300T employs a universal 2.5 mm DC shutter release cable input jack and comes with two cables compatible with 80 per cent of DSLRs on the market.

It also features two axes for panning – a 72-clickpoint panning base just below the camera mounting plate for perfectly aligned panoramic images, and a second 360 degree panning base at the tripod mounting base for horizontal panning and following subjects in motion.

With a locking force rated for over 17.5 lbs the GH-300T supports standard and large zoom lenses with impressive security. Its universal, 38mm quick release system with clamp knob and safety pin is compatible with other 38mm systems, and allows for micro adjustments forward and backward while providing a steady center of gravity and no worries of accidental release. It provides smooth movements with impressive ergonomic control, because of its anodized center ball and Grip Position Release system. The GPR System with pistol grip-style handle lets you unlock, reposition and lock gear into place with ease. Depression of the handle allows 360-degrees of panning movement and -32 to +90-degrees of side-to-side tilt and -8 to +90-degree back to front tilt movement all round. It instantly locks into place by simply releasing the handle.

The Friction Control System allows you to modify the level of resistance on the ball to accommodate changing equipment weight. GH-300Ts handle also rotates 360 degrees to one of 8 positions for maximum comfort while shooting.

– Innovative Shutter Release Trigger on grip
– Grip Position Release: position your camera with ultra speed
– 38mm universal quick release system
– Two panning axes: 72-click point base for perfect panorama and second base for following action
– Ergonomic handle rotates 360 degrees to 8 different positions

Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Weight (kg): 0.85
Material: Magnesium Alloy
Number of Bubble Levels: 2
Colour: Black
Swivel: 360

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