Wakeboarding in Buckinghamshire


Wakeboarding is cool and that’™s a fact! So now here is your chance to experience the exhilarating thrill of the water with these courses in Buckinghamshire. During your time on the water we can get you up and riding by the end of your first session and really test your balance as you ride the cable tow. The centre located at Milton Keynes in the heart of Buckinghamshire is very well equipped with all new top of the range facilities and all the essential gear. The water sports centre is also conveniently placed with easy connections to the M1. It is also one of the UK’™s largest cable wakeboard centres set in 180 acres of beautifully landscaped parkland. If you have skateboarded or snowboarded before you will probably take to this sport like the proverbial duck to water; but it’™s no means easy to succeed your starts and a few faceplants in the water are par for the course when learning! If this is your first time trying out wakeboarding it’™s all about getting your confidence whilst out ย on the water. Once you are up and running it’™s a great feeling as you literally glide across the water and slide round the corners. Everything you do behind the boat (another way of going wakeboarding when you’™re towed by a motor launch) can also be done on the cable and most enthusiasts insist that riding cable over boat gives you the biggest air experience. Our fully trained experts who are on hand at all times will explain how the cable tow works and the best ways of riding it. Wakeboarding is fast becoming one of the most popular and thrilling water sports to hit the UK so why not ride on the crest of the wakeboarding wave? We are proud to bring this exciting Wakeboardingย experience to our customers at this excellent venue in Milton Keynes. Now is your chance to take on one of the newest coolest ย water sports around courtesy of Into The Blue!

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