Zeal Silicone Traditional Cooks Spoon


Designed to replace the wooden spoon, the durable stainless steel core makes the spoon 100% rigid from handle to tip. The silicone is heat resistant to 250C and will not discolour or absorb any flavours. Silicone utensils are ideal for use with non-stick cookware as it will not scratch the non-stick coating. Each product comes with a 10 year guarantee and is dishwasher safe.Unfortunately were unable to specify specific colours, so you will receive a random one of the colours shown. If you require a specific colour, please visit your local AGA shop.

Why AGA Cookshop?
"AGA Cookshop, one of the UK’s leading cookware retailers, has everything you need for the kitchen if you cook on an AGA or not. Each piece in the AGA Cookshop collection has been designed to offer ultimate performance, exceptional quality and unrivalled durability. There are hundreds of beautiful and practical items in the AGA Cookshop range, including AGA cast iron cookware home made in Shropshire, unashamedly chic German engineered ceramic cast aluminium and exclusive, on trend textiles." --- AGA Cookshop; More Details

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